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Twisted Terror Con: The Bighead [short] (2013)

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Adapted from a novel by Edward Lee, The Bighead is a short brought to life by writer/director Michael Ling, the first film in what this reviewer hopes will be long IMDB list for him and his crew.  I was so impressed with every aspect of this film that my only complaint is that it ends too soon.  Set in the typical horror setting of backwoods, good ‘ol boy redneck USA, this flick goes from zero to rape in a heartbeat, terrifying, disgusting, and delighting us with it’s colorful characters and very atypical monster.  If you love tits, gore, and appreciate actors who really get into their roles, you’re in for some nice surprises with this one.

The Bighead doesn’t waste time leading in with what you already know.  There’s a monster in the woods, he’s got a big ‘ol head, and he brutally murders pretty ladies.  We don’t get to see the monster at first – only glimpses here and there – so there’s a nice element of suspense as we wait for the big reveal.  The movie opens with a big, beautiful set of tits which of course as you know, gets our attention here at HH.  The rest of the movie isn’t afraid of nudity either, nor does the film hold back on well, pretty much anything.  A very convincing (and dare I say funny at points) rape scene stands out as one of the most convincing I’ve ever seen put to film.  And while rape may not be everyone’s cup of tea, it fits perfectly into this particular story.  At no point do you get the impression that these scenes are tacked on or gratuitous; rather they add to the scenario and give the monster of the flick (who also rapes his victims) an even scarier and repulsive edge.  It’s a refreshing twist on the genre.

The gore scene in this movie, while brief, not only looks great on the effects side of things, it is perfectly visually executed alongside the creepy, gravelly voice over from Frank the Bartender, a man who reminds me more than a little bit of Billy Bob Thornton when he’s at his redneck finest.  The Bighead himself, who yes – we do get to see full-on at the end of the short – looks pretty damn good.  We don’t get to see him talk or do much other than shamble around, but the makeup effects are great for a bulbous, lumpy, rapey freak man.

This film, though very short, has great pacing and never suffers from too much explanation or boring dialogue.  That in part is due to an absolutely stellar cast.  I can’t think of a low-budged flick that featured such great acting from each and every member of the team.  The characters themselves are perhaps not entirely unique on paper, but it just goes to show what can be done when you have talented people at your disposal.  In particular, the character of Tritt “Balls” Connor, played by actor Orson Chaplain, stood out as phenomenal.  He plays the role of an asshole redneck like his parents copulated on a bed of Miller Light cans.  The guy’s seriously got some acting chops and I want to see him in a lot more.

Overall, I want to fuck this movie.  It was that fantastic.  It had just the right amount of gore, tits and interesting banter between some fascinating characters.  To be honest, though the monster is great, the rest of the movie doesn’t need to rely on him to keep your interest.  My only problem was that it was far too short (which is a compliment) but then again, for what the film was, it did end on a somewhat abrupt note.  I feel that it could have wrapped a little bit better, but this is small complaint against what was a very enjoyable movie.  The director expressed that he wants to turn this into a full feature, so keep an eye out.  I for one, will be right there waiting for it to drop.


 Watch the official trailer here.


Score: 9/10, and we want more


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