Classic horror

Sacramento’s Twisted Terror Convention!

Brothers and sisters in horror and hooch – today the wonderful HH crew will be bringing you constant coverage of the intensely awesome Twisted Terror Convention here in Sacramento!

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day as we add reviews of the shorts and features being screened, interviews with celebrities, and pics from the event.

UPDATE 1: Added 3 interviews

UPDATE 2: Added 2 more interviews and a bunch of photos to the gallery!!

UPDATE 3: Added the review for Provoked. Disciples and American Girls to follow.


Michael Berryman

Sean Whalen

Josh Stewart

Ashlynn Yennie

Tiffany Shepis

Stacy Hammon

Rebekah McKendry

Founders Aaron Dodge and Dorine Hartnett


Some kickass photos from the event so far!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


First up, d3monsweat reviews of the

horror-scifi short block!

Twisted Terror Convention Horror Shorts


Paranormal investigators get in over there head  – Moral of the story? Mess with the ghost bull, get the ghost horns.







The Road to Twisted Terror! Starring yours truly!

Check out the Journey!!


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