Interview with Rebecca Rowley

On this Wasted Wednesday we snagged some time with Rebecca Rowley to chat about her process, what its like being a Cat, the level of skill it takes to scare the shit out of some tourists (and win awards for it!), and whether or not she may shank us.

Check it (and her) out!

Some of her projects (a whopping SEVEN of which are in post – look out here she comes!):

Buddy Hitchins

Jailbait (side note: uh…be careful googling this one…pretty sure I accidentally ended up on a list somewhere…)

– Shakespeare’s cat



Check out her REEL HERE

And her IMDB profile

Follow her on Twitter


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  1. Dynamite interview guys, per usual. Looked Rebecca up on IMDb, and that 7 projects in post-production is impressive as hell. I think she was flirting with Ty; just saying. Pissed me off that looking up SHAKESPEARE’S CAT, there is no synopsis whatsoever, no viewer reviews; a blank page.


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