Interview with Daniel Stamm, Director of 13 Sins

This last Saturday we had the immense pleasure of chatting with Daniel Stamm, writer and director of The Last Exorcism, and the new 13 Sins, which just released today!

We had an absolute blast, chatting about Daniel’s journey to where he is today as both a writer and director. Starting in Hamburg, Germany, he always wanted to be a writer, to essentially continue the joy he got out of playing Dungeons and Dragons (which, as a fellow DnD enthusiast, I had to contain my nerd squeals for fear of ruining the interview) and translate it to the big screen.

When he realized the inherent difficulties explaining his vision to another director/crew and expecting them to deliver his dream, he decided to just do the whole process himself, starting with “A Necessary Death” and finally ending up at “13 Sins” with the same core crew he started with.

Oh…and there may have been some hypnotism on the side πŸ˜‰

Check out our interview for the full scoop! And while you’re listening, read our review of the intense 13 Sins!

Part 1

Part 2


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