Classic horror



SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY, folks, that’s what I’m talking about–something for the dens of demented denizens to get down with, something to spruce up your silly Saturdays with, something that will inform, enlighten, educate you monster buffs out there, provide insights, insults, & scatological data, & possibly to provide passionate peeks at some wholesome tits (which let’s face it, after slaving all week on your jobs is what Saturdays are for), & to feast your perverted peeps on the word “fuck” in all its grandeur & glory–the pox on “f**k”, or “fu*k”, or “f*ck”, or the “F-word”.

Coming up next week we will review a real horror classic, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE (1953) for two very significant reasons–first, it is a bone fide fucking classic Science Fiction film, one of director Jack Arnold’s much lauded Sci-Fi wonders. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, it is a perfect segue into the much maligned TVM sequel, IT CAME FROM OUTER SPACE II (1996), which featured, or as far as I am concerned starred, Adrian Sparks, who happens to be Tyler’s infamous Actor/Father, and one of the best friends (BFF), best fucking friend, not best female friend or some other shit–that I have ever had/have.

Picture 38

Back in the early 1970’s as he & I were both attending the BFA Professional Actor’s Training Program, at the University of Washington, he in the Second Year, with me in the Third Year of its existence ( as it now enjoys more than 40 years of success)–we cut quite a dramatic swath in the theaters, taverns, & streets of Seattle. 


Adrian Sparks is in fact a gorgeous giant both in legitimate Theatre & the Film Industry–albeit in movies he might still be considered a pony among Percheron (but after he finishes filming his new film PAPA in Cuba this summer, those celluloid assholes will perk up and pay more attention to his hairy butt, I assure you).


I tell you it is about time that HORRIBLY HOOCHED did some kind of tribute to him–and I am just the damn dude to do it!


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  1. Glad it doesn’t freak you; I’m very serious about doing this mini-tribute to your Dad, not only because he deserves it, and will get a bang out of it, but I fear ICFOS II will be such a dog turd of a film, I will need a “positive” hook to anchor the review on.


  2. I just finished watching ICFOS (1953), so now I’ll begin organizing my notes & get busy writing the review for the next #SSS.


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