Archivio Giallo, Volume One (Music/Soundtrack)

Wow. I’ve had some very interesting things come across my digital desk, but this here is an absolute first – and its startlingly eye opening.

Reading the press release for Giallos Flames ‘Archivio Giallo, Volume One’ my curiosity piqued:

“Ron Graham, aka Giallos Flame, is a man immersed in the sights and sounds of vintage horror films with
a particular penchant for Italian Giallo.”

Ok…interesting. Being a fan of Italian Giallo classic films, or Gialli, I put on the album and began listening.

Right from the start, with ‘After the Fall’ imagery unbidden came to mind and I saw foggy cobblestone streets and alleys damp with a recent rain, a man (woman?) in a trenchcoat stalking the night, concealed beneath a bowler hat and ankle length trench coat.  Jumping to ‘Mellow(track 6) the target is spotted – a woman, curvaceous and oozing sexuality, stumbles home unaware from a night singing at the nearest cafe.

Cue Rosso Demo (final track) and our knife, long and sinister emerges from the killers coat. A sharp scream pierces the night air, blood arcing and splattering a brick wall, while the city sleeps on, blissfully ignorant of the evil stalking in the dark.

giallo razor

Whew. Before I knew it I’d finished the whole album. Ron Graham’s (Giallos Flames) ‘Archivio Giallo’ is immediately impactful, seeming to step straight out of a soundtrack from the 80’s, or even an old school video game – and it completely lives up to its name.

From the press release:

The scene is set by the analog pulse of
the opening track and what follows is a profusion of beat-driven, bass-heavy grooves and psyched-out
soundscapes that form a cohesive soundtrack that seduces the listener into the night.

It truly was an intense auditory experience – one I quite recommend you check out. I assure you before you know it the last track will have ended, and you’ll be left wanting more.

The album releases April 7th! so stay tuned!


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