S.S.S.: Officially Launched

So, all you lovely sickos, “How do you like it so far?”, which is what the outrageous Bette Midler asked an audience of millions on an Academy Awards show, right after she adjusted her tits. Speaking of breasts, how about those great shots of Barbara Crampton in my review? Being a confirmed breast man myself, I vow to seek out wholesome tit-shots from every Sci Fi/Horror film I review–if they are flashed, or forced into your face, I will find them. 

Slash’s Shitfaced Saturday has been officially launched, inaugurated, & put into what we  hope will be perpetual motion. That is, of course, considering that during each week, I get off my ass & view, then review a film so that there is something to post. 

Next up, tentatively, will be BRIDE OF THE RE-ANIMATOR, aka RE-ANIMATOR II (1989). Most of the original cast returned for this sequel. So, see you next Saturday; probably,  hopefully. 


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