Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday Review: Blood Fare

My oh my.  Our first ghost story.

And it involves the river Styx! And the civil war!


Spoilers BelowSummary

Highlight to view (mild spoilers) A Union soldier fails to die on the battlefield in the civil war by mucking up his passage on the River Styx. When his coin for crossing gets jacked, and he dies again, now he owes TWO coins he doesn’t have.

Instead, he must now pay the Blood Fare, and deliver two hundred souls as payment, before he can cross. 


When things begin to escalate, its pretty clear everything is not as it seems in this park, and the park rangers themselves may not have the best intentions


The writings fantastic, and the plots thoroughly engrossing…even if the performances don’t quite do the script justice. The final 10 minutes of the film are insanely intense – its actually difficult to track the twists and turns J.A. Steel throws at you – seriously, our heads were swimming, and not just from the copious amounts of middle shelf vodka.



Super bonus: VERY refreshing seeing a homosexual lead in a horror movie. I’m reasonably sure I’ve never seen that before (well…except for The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror but lezbehonest that doesn’t exactly count). And, her name is Tyler (which is a fantastic name a certain special author happens to have in common HINT ITS ME) so super extra bonus points.

Real talk people – this is not normally our type of movie. Its a wonderful story, and thats clearly the focus here – telling the story. This isn’t blood, guts, and sex (our normal purview) but it is eerie, unsettling, and features a wonderfully creepy Ferryman rockin a kickass mask and Axe staff thingy.

So – check it out. You’ll enjoy it.

Just make sure you have a drink handy. a couple

Or…like a couple


Stay tuned! Horribly Hooched will be interviewing director J.A. Steel soon!

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