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Hey, gang of sweet demented sickos, tomorrow is a big day here at HH, because it is Saturday, which in itself is pretty fucking cool; partying  your tits off on Friday night after slaving away all week for the man, and waking up with seven monkeys screwing your skull. So, anyway, when you clear some of the cobwebs off your cortex, come to this site, and enjoy the inauguration of the next BFD, and that would be my second movie review, and my first shot at being a more “regular” (which, of course, is an oxymoron here at HH) contributor to this unique & marvelous site.

I will be reviewing RE-ANIMATOR (1985), an important Cult Classic based on some stories by H.P. Lovecraft. I will tell you up front that there will be foul language (but not too much, since this site exudes tremendous fucking celluloid class), and a couple of wholesome tit-shots. Saturdays will be MY day to toss my two cents in the HH coffee can, and it shall be titled heretofore SLASH’S SHITFACED SATURDAY. How cool is that?


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  1. I seem to have the blessings of management here, and yet I just realized I already fucked up. RE-ANIMATOR will be my third review on this site, not second. Who could forget SPIDER BABY, & INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE?


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