SLASH PHUQUE: Surgical Reviews Without a License


this is a Drive-In Classic that one day, if I can find a copy, I will review.

Hey you fantastic lovers of both sick cinema, schlock horror, for shit special effects, tits & ass, & tits with more tits, and Ass-shots are us; not porn, folks, just using the human body as a smorgasbord, & revealing a Russ Meyer quota of tit-shots when possible, bush-shots optional. 

Glenn Buttkus is the name, and some of you have already read my guest reviews on SPIDER  BABY, & INVASION OF THE ANIMAL PEOPLE. The honchos here at Horribly Hooched have adopted me as a guest reviewer, & I am grateful as hell that I have finally found some really off-center folks who are as out-spoken as I am about an partially-overlooked genre.

When I was an actor, I used to be called SLASH PHUQUE by my friends & compeers. In the midst of actors named Rock, Tab, & Rip, 40 years ago, I wanted a first name that would cut through the bullshit; get right to the meat of things, & Slash ( ages before the guitarist ) find the bill–literally. And I needed a last name that encompassed all the romance of the stage & screen, so I became Slash Phuque (often mispronounced, as you can imagine). I worked with some actors who only knew me as Slash; never knew my actual name. I had visions of marquees & movie posters, SLASH PHUQUE in OUR TOWN, SLASH PHUQUE is HAMLET, SLASH OF ARABIA, etc. So in the days & weeks to come I am extremely proud to be hooked up with the zany brilliant folks who have birthed HORRIBLY HOOCHED.

If I had any stones, I would become one of the staff writers, but I like to ease into writing assignments, so for the time being, I will be privileged to be a Guest Reviewer. So, see you around!

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    • And we love YOU! 😉

      Seriously, when you’re doing something you love, it never feels like work. And despite the immense amount of work thats gone into this site, I never felt a moment of it. Glad to have you aboard.


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