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Naked Blood (1996)


(by guest author demonsweat)

An oft overlooked gem in the torture porn genre, Naked Blood (aka Splatter: Naked Blood) remains one of my personal favorites to this day, and not only because I love seeing Asian women bleed, but also because I enjoy watching young, nubile schoolboys awkwardly trying to score. Reminiscent of something from the Guinea Pig series, what makes Naked Blood unique is that all of the torture in this movie is self-inflicted. Sadists take note: if observing cute, doe-eyed Japanese girls mutilate themselves does it for ya, well cowboy, you’ve come to the right place.

Sweaty’s Stats



Yep, quite a bit.  And oh the things that happen to all those tender, exposed lady parts …


Swimming it it.  This one is a solid entry into the torture porn genre.

Scare Factor

Not scary per se, but the copious amounts of mutilation are wonderfully unnerving.




The plot revolves around a young, brilliant high school student named Enji whose hobbies include voyeurism, uncomfortably naked hugging, and most importantly, an unhealthy interest in chemistry. The film begins with Enji’s latest and greatest creation, a drug he dubs “My Son,” (because: Japan) which deliciously causes the recipient to experience pain as pleasure, without all that nasty business of having to solve a puzzle box or open doors to Hell. Of course our little mad scientist gets the notion that he should test his creation, and so he heads off to his mother’s clinic to find suitable test subjects, or you know, to dose three unwitting, beautiful young women because shit, why not. It’s not like anything could go wrong.

After slipping some “My Son” all up into his mom’s IV (not a euphemism) the ball gets rolling. Enter our three victims. One is a glutton, one is overly vain, and one has no single, defining characteristic (until later, but we’ll get to that). This movie isn’t exactly what I would call deep or nuanced in its storytelling, and so these hamfisted character portrayals will come into play later. After tee-heeing over a casual lunch, we learn through girltalk that Rika, the preciously undefined lady, is an insomniac because …getting her period made her that way? Ah yes, the mysterious shed of woman parts, the source of so many unexplained female behaviors.


Skip to Rika at home, admiring (and uh, talking to) a tall, human-sized cactus. Remember this cactus, because goddamn if it doesn’t play a role just as much as any of the actors/actresses in the film.


On one hand, he’s a great listener. On the other, he can be a bit of prick

So this is where the movie starts go off the rails a bit. Enji, in reviewing his stalker-esque footage from earlier in the experiment, notices that Rika noticed him, yet thought nothing of it, and so holy hell people, that can only mean one thing – we got a budding romance here. ‘Cause if there’s anything chicks dig, it’s catching a guy creepily filming them from the rooftop of a nearby building, am I right, ladies? Cut back to Rika and her obsession with prickly plants; we are now treated to a strange, virtual reality where she “relaxes” in lieu of sleep and you better believe that the cactus also wears a VR helmet, and that it also joins her on these virtual ventures (because: Japan).

Eventually Rika catches Enji in the act of stalking her and flirtatiously confronts him, because again, a dude sneakily filming you is like, so hot. After some ridiculous banter, Enji makes his move.

Enji: (to Rika) I’ve hated you from the moment I saw you. I don’t know why. I just don’t like you. I want you to dislike me as well.

Rika: (swoons)

Oh, Japan. You so crazy. Needless to say, all this sexual tension leads to an awkward date, where we get more insight into Rika’s bizarre menstruation condition, which involves the ability to “hear” plants and gives her thoughts of suicide, ‘cause let’s face it, that’s fucking sexy. After a brief interlude with Glutton Girl and Vain Girl (just to remind you of their roles) we start the downward spiral into madness. Glutton girl, while preparing a meal, cuts herself and finds that not only does it not hurt … it feels good.

REAL good. Strap in kids, because the fun is about to begin.

The film continues to jump between plotlines, as Rika shows Enji her cactus (also not a euphemism) while the other two girls begin to show the effects of “My Son.” Vain Girl, dressed in a tight, high-cut leotard teases us with some gyrations before taking a break and finding that plunging needles into her skin is a surprisingly good time. I’m not going to give away the best (or really, the only) reasons to watch this cinematic masterpiece, but I’ll say one thing: you’ll never look at tempura quite the same way again.


Kind of gives the term “ladyfingers” a whole new meaning.

Rika finds Vain Girl and attempts to dissuade her from the throes of self-mutilation, to no avail.

Meanwhile, Glutton Girl gives us our first actual nudity in the film, despite its somewhat misleading title, though how erotic the viewer finds this scene is best left up to the individual.


Please note the use of a butter knife here. A BUTTER KNIFE IS NOT SHARP.

Rika, despite hardly knowing the others yet somehow breaking into their apartments out of concern, witnesses the bloody aftermath of all this sexy bloodletting and goes home to confide in her cactus. Enji, on the other hand, Oedipusly confesses his role to/makes out with his own mother, which naturally leads her to commit a slow form of seppuku (because: JAPAN.)

It eventually all culminates in a strange, post-apocalyptic set of images with little continuity to the previous storyline, but I will say this: the scenes of Enji’s ghost dad peeling back the folds of his mother’s abdomen and crawling inside her body is just … wow. Thank you Japan, thank you.


Final Thoughts

Released in 1996, the sound effects have shown their age, though I’m happy to report that the visual effects still hold their ground for the most part. Even after repeated viewings I still find certain scenes satisfyingly cringe-worthy, and I’m no cringer (though I would give Prince Adam a ride, ifyaknowwhati’msayin). Overall, the film’s splatter is short but sweet, and though it may leave seasoned gorehounds with a case of blue balls, it’s still a worthy installment. There are undoubtedly more shocking films out there, but again, what makes this film stand out is its uniqueness, its oddness; it teeters on the cusp of silly, erotic, and vile. It’s a weird combination, but one I believe appeals to just the right sort of fan.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to have words with the pothos. Fucking saucy little tease that she is.


Score: 8.5/10


Hope you enjoyed demonsweat’s first review with us!

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