Indie Horror Short

Black Spot (a short)

Faster Productions recently forwarded us info on this short Black Spot, 6 minutes of low budget fun, so we decided to check it out.

Black Spot3d poster imagea few SPOILERS below



From Vimeo:

“After his car breaks down on a lonely country road, Paul walks through a wet melancholic landscape before chancing upon another car, but one which is ironically also broken down. Here Paul will face fear, pain and suffering, yet also a chance to redeem himself of his recent actions.”

And thats pretty much it. The filmmaker himself (Luther Bhogal-Jones) admits to using an extremely low quality camera and shooting in essentially one afternoon, and having little to no budget. So – thats essentially what you can expect. Easily the lowest budget piece we’ve encountered so far, Director Bhogal-Jones still manages to capture tension with a quality sound track and some nicely framed shots.

However, the encounter/climax of the piece is a little lackluster, and falls flat once the viewer figures out what exactly is going on.


Its a short. As a result, there’s little substance to the story – I think there may be an interesting corollary between the 3 individuals our lead encounters, and the three aspects of self – Id, Ego, and Super-Ego – but then again, we know the leads wrestling with demons, so the mind wants to connect these instances where the connection is, outright, a bit weak. It grabs that trashy 70s horror feel by the neck, which is as satisfying as the bleak environment, and drags the viewer along with it.

Raine McCormack as Paul is in trouble in Black Spot The overall mood permeates the viewer with dampness, and an overall feeling of weight – it feels almost like a dream, one of those terrible dreams you desperately want to wake up from, but no matter how you shake and scream you’re dragged inexorably to the final confrontation.

Of course, theres the question of the title – many know the association of the Black Spot meaning one was marked for death – so take from that what you will…

Now, I absolutely¬†KNOW¬†you have 6 minutes to spare – so take some time and check this out. More than anything, it hints at potential talent – so here’s hoping Luther Bhogal-Jones gets a bigger budget next time


Check it out on Vimeo

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