Worth watching drunk

Home Sweet Home

So, the immediate difficulty here is the similarity in names. There’s at least one other movie titled Home Sweet Home (and a few others similarly titled) so finding contents a bit rough. However, no need to worry, I did all the work for ya!

Given that strap in and down, and welcome to the nail biter that is ‘Home Sweet Home’!



As a relatively recent ex-resident of New Mexico I can attest to a few things:

– Yes, it is that open and barren

– No, not EVERYONE does meth. Just most of ’em.

And as a result I’m acutely inclined to this state as the perfect venue for an edge of your seat thrillride such as ‘Home Sweet Home’


Off to a rollicking start, Home Sweet Home gives a pretty concise picture of what to expect from what’s likely to become our villains – and oohhhhhh is it tasty. Beautifully psychotic girlfriend + malleable, logical and slightly off his rocker boyfriend equal out to a damn good pair.

Shortly thereafter we’re gifted with the visage of the beatific Alexandra Boylan, and the story, such as it is, begins to unfold.  Gwen (played by the aforementioned Alexandra Boylan) is on her way to settle a property owned by her family. After a brief encounter with the mysteriously sexy Kristi (Raquel Cantu) she’s off to her ‘house with no address’ in the middle of the New Mexican wasteland.

Now, if you’ve seen Straw Dogs or You’re Next you’ve a good sense of whats coming. Once she enters the house, we at horribly hooched recommend 1 shot every 10 minutes to keep pace. It helps. For those of lesser (inferior) constitutions, lets make that 3 sips of beer or whatever you pussies drink.

Good girl Gwen brings along a bottle of wine to ease the house warming, and she *attempts* to settle in. Not an easy thing when you’re alone, in the middle of nowhere.

And then BOOM, out of nowhere, a wonderful shot of Gwen’s ass as she disrobes for her bath! And then A BATH SCENE! (god what an ass can we please just-)


Just when you’re enjoying the moment the power goes out – for you noobies out there, THIS is when shit gets real.

Thankfully, good girl Gwen goes straight to the bottle and cozies up with (what appears to be) a Mossberg 12 gauge pump action shottie as bed partner.

The first thing Romulus and I both noticed about Good Girl Gwen (henceforth GGG) was that she wasn’t stupid – she took the gun with her. However the next few minutes unfolded certainly couldn’t be counted as her fault, though we do thank whatever gods we need to worship our tolerances are high enough that a pill or two wouldn’t drop us. Just, you know, in case this ever happened.

And then, Raquel Cantu steals the scene with her insanely sexy strip tease, and at some point Romulus threw his panties at the screen and I *may* have screamed ‘TAKE ME NOW FOUL TEMPTRESS” at the top of my lungs. Maybe. Hard to recall.

When GGG comes to her senses, nothing seems real. Memories flogged relentlessly by drugs and alcohol, she’s ill prepared for what comes. Though…that doesn’t stop her from being a complete badass




Without giving much more away, the final conflict is worth much more than the asking price.


Bacchus: Mano y mano. Wait, no, that doesn’t work  – hermana y hermana – no thats sister on sister….BITCH ON BITCH basically ok so just watch it jesus. So judgmental.


Wow. While we immediately recognized familiar faces from the opening scenes of the fucking wonderful Rabid Love, we didn’t also expect a stellar soundtrack to follow suit. But, hey, we’re beginning to trust these folks. The sound mix is even better here than it was in Rabid Love – and we fucking ate that shit up like truffled mashed potatoes. I want to hear more of this odd rock they played – while the atmospherics were apropros, I heard some kickass ballads in there…

On top of that, we have an intelligent heroine (GGG) who understands the need for weaponry being close by in times of stress, and actually calling people when shit goes south. Something that, unfortunately, is not too common in this industry. That, and we’ve got some pretty skillful cinematography, a decent mixer, and brilliant cleavage. All around….a fun ride that will actually keep you on your toes.

The biggest thing to love here is the dominant female performances – I miss this kinda shit in horror, I’ve had my fill of dumb blondes and their attraction to errant branches and stray rocks (i’m talkin bout TRIPPIN SON)

All in all, this is Alexandra Boylan’s show. And she brings it home with aplomb.


Oh, and there was definitely one quote worth mentioning, from Romulus:

GGG gets changed and geared up for the final fight

Ok, so, is her whole shoe wardrobe just Uggs?

IMDB for Home Sweet Home

Twitter for the amazing Alexandra Boylan

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