Director’s Cut (Short)

Tagline: It’s all about the art until it’s all about the boobs.

Well, I’m sold. (and there’s boobs a plenty boyo’s)

First off, though I suspect our readers are fully aware, this is an incredibly low budget indie flick. As a result, view it through very rosy tinged glasses and for the love of tits and gore, be forgiving.



Click below for a full write up but beware – its all spoilers. As I’ve said with all my reviews. They are all spoilers. But anyway –

SPOILERS. Highlight to read.

Director Damon Ingmar J’ackov (played by the aptly named Happy Dave) has a dream – a dream many men have. To see some boobs – and, you know, make a movie that’ll have Hollywood shitting its pants in the process. To that end, we join J’ackov as he’s finished the final rewrite, when he stumbles upon a mysterious green eyed woman who promises to make his dreams come true.

The more we learn about this Damon character the deeper the skeevy rabbit hole goes. Between the bare tit filled wet dream and the jokes about camera’s in the dressing room, he’s a real class act.

The demon/genie/succubus thingy begins to grant his wishes – first, he gets those boobs he’s been dreaming of. With wonderfully lazy nipples.

lazy nips

Then, emotion!


And then, she fetches him another victim, and he finally gets to see his tits. Courtesy of one ‘Candy Apples’.

Candy's apple

There are more than a few funny moments – see the ‘Red’ camera – and for all the shortcomings you’d expect from a movie in this tier, its got a fun script, and Happy Dave brings Director Damon Ingmar J’ackov to hilariously pervy life. Reading his bio he’s quoted as making a security guard leave queasy thanks to one of his stunts – and I fucking believe it. And damn, does he look good in those tits.

All in all, ‘Director’s Cut’ has a distinctly Monkey’s Paw feeling to it, and its fun. The intro is slow, as it seems Happy Dave does best when he has someone to play off of, but it picks up a bit once the rest of the cast gets involved.


Someone give these people a budget – I’d love to see what they can come up with.

Check ’em out on IMDB.

Also, if you’d like to view it yourself, check it out here

And while you’re at it, check out Horribly Hooched on

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