Thoroughly enjoyable

Rabid Love

80s throwback. College kids in a cabin in the woods when things go awry.

You want retro? THIS is fucking RETRO. Everything I LOVED about that age of horror recreated wonderfully with beautiful asses and epic soundtrack galore.

My only complaint? We never SEE any of the plethora of jaw dropping sweater muffins showcased so fantastically. So, sorry boys, just gore and fun here.


Dude, the writing. Lets be honest – we don’t walk into movies like this with ANY expectations but we were rolling in the proverbial aisles in the first 5 minutes. And the way they captured every fuckin trope – down to the creepy old hicks – is astounding. You’ll enjoy this one, we sure did.

Sidenote: can we talk about the name Hayley Derryberry??? I mean…thats some Dr. Seuss shit. Tack on to that I’d gargle razorblades and smoke AIDs just to hold her hand in prison and we’ve got one epic fuckin persona. That and she kinda wrote the story so, you know, no bigs.


A group of five college kids do exactly what you’d expect in the 80s – get drunk, listen to their walkmen, and end up largely massacred in the woods. The death falls to a bizarre virus communicated via ‘skeeters’. Thats mosquitoes for those north of Alabama. But not really because something MORE SINISTER IS AFOOT!!! WOOoooOOOoooooo……

You’ll get bonus enjoyment points if you happen to dislike misogynistic hunter redneck types.

HOWEVER – if you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll find many homages here that tickle the fancy without detracting too much from the flow of the movie itself.

And yea, you heard the man right. “Super Rabies”.

Group Quotes

Its a shower scene. Heather enters the shower of a dude (with marked lack of nudity)

Bacchus: Hey I know this move. Dutch rudder right?

Romulus: DOUBLE DUTCH RUDDER. “See you move my arm and I move yours”


Bacchus: WHAT?! NO HIPPIE ORGY?!!!


Bacchus: Ok, continuity issue – That chicks panties don’t go 5 feet above her hip bones. CLEARLY not 80s.


Bacchus: Dude, this mood music. Is this a fuckin Casio keyboard?!

Romulus: They had to have picked one up at the thrift store they bought these clothes at

Bacchus: I’m pretty sure thats the ‘Church Organ’ setting.


Romulus: Sequel: Rabid Baby. Make it happen.


Bacchus: Shootin skeet these days means a COMPLETELY different thing


Heather uses a molotov cocktail to explode the house

Romulus: Oh, pony tail, walkin away from explosions like it isn’t shit, she went Sarah CONNOR on this motherfucker!!





Its hard to recreate late 70s/80s retro. I mean, even just the wardrobe and props can get tricky – but down to the silly knick-nacks in the store Rabid Love nailed it.

Did we MENTION the fucking SOUNDTRACK?? Holy nostalgia Batman!! That, plus the requisite abuse of fog machines, makes for a fantastic environment. (related but if someone could PLEASE tell me the name of the song playing with home dude first enters Heather, that shit was bananas)

The movie marries well. The mix is surprisingly tight, the dialogue well composed, and – believe it or not – most of these actors actually delivered their lines with a relative amount of impact. I know that shouldn’t be such a big deal, but with indie horror…you should be so fucking lucky. Its rare we enjoy performances as much as we did with this one. Oh, hold on, lemme use some good ‘reviewer-type’ words –

“Performances haunting while evocative of a cinematic era long past”

Boom. For the record, among the men, Brandon Stacy‘s performance as David was cockfuckingly brilliant. Demented enough to make it real. So, good on ya, sir.

Also, for those of you paying attention, the 30:30:30 ratio is held to strongly in this one. For reference: 30 minutes exposition, 30 minutes as things escalate, Climax with teh Big Reveal at :60 in, final 30 conclusion. Widely held formula that is PERFECT for a movie like this. so for that, we thank you.

That and blonde bitches trippin. Can’t do a good horror without em.

The ending, unlike so many we’ve seen, was actually hard to see coming. But it is a GOOD. FUCKING. ENDING.

So, long as you don’t take your horror seriously (at least not this sort), you’ll have a blast with this one.





SOUNDTRACK (seriously, so good)

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