Horror Fiction

Galico, by Steven Marshall

And now for something completely different!

In our continued attempts to support indie horror of all sorts we’ve turned a hungover eye to Galico, by Steven Marshall.

Throw a hefty stick anywhere in LA and you’re bound to hit at least one fedora bedecked neckbeard or PBR swilling art gallery wallflower who’s ‘working on the next great American novel’ – so suffice to say we’ve grown a bit tired of empty promises. So when Steven popped up in our twitter feed, its hard to say what exactly drew us to click the link. Was it the half bottle of red or maybe that second bourbon?


Still, we’re glad we checked it out.

Immediately I was reminded of the Odd Thomas novels by Dean Koontz – or maybe some of King’s earlier work. The writing is crisp – the way Marshall uses his words is methodical, measured – no extra flowery adjectives or breathy prose. And thats a good thing – Tolkien may be one of the greatest and most frequently lauded authors of the last hundred or so years but damn, dude, I don’t need three pages on how green that tree is. I get it, its a nice tree. Now get to the elves and shit.

I digress.

There were a few moments that jarred me loose from the web Marshall was weaving with Galico, however – the phrase ‘broad shoulders and huge biceps’ just turns my stomach. There’s gotta be a better way to describe the dude. Still – the piece, as a whole, had me wrapped up. By the time I got to the end (despite the cliche cliffhanger) I found myself PISSED there wasn’t more. This one chapter at a time thing is bullshit GIMME MORE!

(also, the phrase “time to turn back into Ben Stiller” feels a bit forced and doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Love the concept though. MYSTERY MEN 4 LYFE)

So, do yourselves a favor and check out Galico, by Steven Marshall. I’d say cozy up with a glass of wine, but don’t get too comfy – you’ll soon be squirming in your seat.

Once you’re done, follow him on Twitter

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