Must see

The Poughkeepsie Tapes

Or, the water street Butcher.

Safe to say we’re more than a little excited about this one.

A movie, barred from theatrical AND dvd release, now inexplicably available on youtube, that is labelled one of the most horrifying of its time. At the moment of this writing Romulus and I are watching this movie on YouTube, of all places. We’ve locked the doors, and barred the windows. Something doesn’t feel right already.

Can't believe its on youtube


The worst part is the space between segments. It isn’t right. Its…vacant


I’m running out of clever adjectives.

I’m unsettled.

This plays like a Dateline segment. A man, undetermined, steals life. From children. Because that’s normal. There’s an element of realism to this portrayal that makes this so much worse. RAPE? CHILD? WHAT.

Who is this man? A mixed killer. Serially defying classification. Cue the tapes.

Between the distortion and the horrible images we see an FBI profile unfold. A story told through another untold story. A serial killer far beyond the abilities of the FBI, and even further classes.

A killer who understands bureaucracy – who’d have thunk. Until the kills become…personal. And then we get more of the tapes and things begin to….shift.

And when things get most brutal, your questions remain unanswered. Suffice to say the bondage freaks in our fandom will be satiated.

Turns out this movies actually based on a conglomeration of a series of serial killers in the northeast US – makes sense, considering the random way he seems to move from victim to victim, changing his M.O. at will.



Continuing to push the limits of the human vehicle


Never had to do this before but… While it reminds me of sinister I am reminded this was made 6 years ago. And then, things, well…they get



What happens next? What is our killer capable of? WHO is our killer?

What is safe?

When entrails become Christmas decorations all preconceived notions of civility fly out the fucking window. The found footage begins to reek when you see the tapes come back around. The man, the victim, the woman, the archetypes tossed around like fucking playing cards – you want cards against humanity?

Film, against humanity.

dont. blink.

dont. blink.

I used to think the worst vehicle in film was rape. We’ve….well we’ve gone further

And the rabbit hole hasn’t gone deep enough yet.

How deep…? When does the perpetrator become a…a victim?

Mind the name. Crowley.

The closer you get to an answer the further you find yourself. WHO is perverse WHO is enjoying this.


Is he…gone?


There is still footage missing. The best pieces we’ve been able to find have no source, but a….disturbing result

So wheres the footage.

If the devil wants you, how would you find him?





god DAMN I am shithoused

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