Thoroughly enjoyable

Grave Encounters, or was that Ghost Ra- err, surprise sex?

I will be the first to say I fucking hate faux Reality TV Dramas centered in mental asylums. I mean…how many times do we have to flog this flesh-less excuse for a horse?

Once more into the breach, they say, and its high time I actually appreciated the venture.

Cheese it up, cunt nuggets

Cheese it up, cunt nuggets

So yeah. Lets begin with THE


Too much?

I pull dingleberries from my errant ass hairs bigger than you. Fuck off.

Anyway – its a brilliant setup. An obviously fake paranormal investigation team investigates an actually legit mental hospital. Shit begins to go south.

And, although we knew that – the devil really is in the details.

Where this movie fails in uniqueness, it succeeds in every fault that so many movies make. Take the time to humanize your actors, and trivialize the work these supposed ‘reality’ stars do. The biggest thing I appreciate here is probably the fucking editing, of all things. The way this work is pieced together is cocksuckingly masterful. And yes. Thats a word now. Cocksuckingly.


When the shit goes down, it goes down proper. Reality slips away, and so does their sanity. BRILLI-FUCKING-ANT



we're super serious

we’re super serious

its good.

Not slap yo mammy and call home to daddy good…but its good. I have no quotes of the night, this shit was done alone. Hombre de la Mancha. All the same…this shit is WAY too much fun NOT to see.

What I love the most here is the distortion of time, and the way it fucks with the actors. They can’t handle it, and their true personalities show through. The best part of horror is showing us the worst parts of ourselves.

Please, watch this fucking movie, its worth your goddamn time, and I guarantee you’ll enjoy the journey.


You can disagree with me, but again, your opinion is wrong.

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