ABCs of Death, or, I’m so excited I could cream



26 fucking directors on my favorite subject? Ye gods, cleanse my loins, for glory is ready on the horizon.



I’m not summarizing 26 different awesome stories.

Fucking watch.

Also, as I said, I will support you in your search of titties. AND THEY ARE HERE PEOPLE. COME FOR THE TITS.

This movie is so fucking worth it I cant be bothered. Watch it, you twits.



Romulus: The editor who cut this? –

Bacchus: We need him


(in unison at letter A)

B & R: She’s got nice tits.


Bacchus: Well if ‘B’ is for ‘Bigfoot’, wtf do you think C is for?

Romulus: Cunt?

Baccchus. Thats what I was gonna say. Dammit.


Bacchus: So this is the fucked up spiderman before he became known as such.



Bacchus: A fart…its almost as if they want 20 somethings to die alone


Oracle: Is H for Holy fuck because I think I neeed an adult……


So, Libido is perfect.

The rest. I have no idea.

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