Worth watching drunk

Girls against Boys, or ‘Lets pretend you need more reason not to be a douche’

She wants the D.

Unfortunately in this case D means Death, and that shit sucks.



Oh, the hamptons? Are we being tongue in cheek about white folk or…nope this is real.

What a strange thing to take seriously.

I already love this movie for the Black Swan implications that one can only assume lead to murder. If it all works out.

Of course, the main issue here would be the typical hollywood douchefuck I wouldn’t even grace with my own vomit considering his style choice. In certain cultures they’d castrate women for inappropriate behaviour – its high time here, now, that we actually act on truth and let the faggot fucks have what they deserve.

I’d wrap them in cum filled socks stockpiled a few months past, constrain their arms with shit filled indian diapers and waterboard them with piss, cascading over their tightly wrapped faces, the only sustenance the awkward protein.

That being said, we get to the crux.



And i’m on their side. If a man deserves to die, this one does.

In the words of Bacchus, I hate to say it as a dude, but CUT HIS FUCKIN DICK OFF.

While there is such a thing as remaining men together, these men deserve a new flavor of justice.

So when redhead shows…not so sad.




If there’s anything to be glyphed from this scenario its that when women say they’re ok…their fucking NOT. Fucking¬†Mantuition.

No seriously, I wouldn’t piss on these men if they were on fire. Unless I pissed gasoline, then i’d let the kraken RIDE.

How badass can you be? Hows bout eatin crunch berries and murdering fucknuts.

yeah, that’ll work.

This movies hitting on so many points. I’ve known so many men like these, I cannot help but see through to the quick of it – send. a. message.

“Why do you wanna hurt people?”

“Because I can.”

And…thats it.


Quotes of the Night

Romulus: I’m…rooting for the chicks right now

Bacchus: And i’m SERIOUSLY turned on. She pulls the trigger again I might cum.


Let it not be said that the wounded uterus went unnoticed.

IMDB that shizz if you must.

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