Must see

6 Souls, or ‘Shelter’

For a record first Romulus and Bacchus did not spoil the movie (that much) because its seriously worth watching.

We stumbled across this blind wonder without knowing what we’d found…and, my god, what glory…




So Julianne Moore plays the tortured psychiatrist. Her past is shown through a failed case at the start of the movie, followed by early signs of a drinking problem. Possible foreshadowing? We’re betting yes.

Father, Jeffrey DeMunn (I’d know that voice ANYWHERE, what an actor),  is in the same field, specializing in ‘anomalies’. In the first ten minutes we’ve already met Jonathan Rhys Meyers, and the journey begins.

‘David’ is immediately an interesting character, and Rhys Meyers does a remarkably convincing job of playing, in this case, so many roles.

We set off with 2 personalities, Adam and David.

We begin to discover the personalities that are Adam and David are not what they seem to be, and even deeper, not ‘him’ at all.

As the other personalities begin to manifest, the story deepens.

And the ending? HOOOOOO first time I haven’t used profanity in this paragraph but HANG THE FUCK ON BITCHES


We had the theory that perhaps this was just an elaborate ploy by marketing to squeak by another serial killer flick. When you see the doc…never you mind what we thought.

Mysterious itching of the back of the neck compounded by his doctor having the same itch, plus a pustulent wound. Shit gets real.

Its clear that Julianne Moore’s character is obsessed with outdoing her father – he himself abuses this goal by throwing her extreme cases he himself has become obsessed with.

Ok cue the albino chick and blind granny. This is a new level of creepy/what the fuckery we’re unfamiliar with.

what...the happening here

what…the fuck…is happening here

Awkward surgery is awkward but here have your soul back.

What is it? We see the shelter vessel, and we see how they use it to heal sick folk. But…why are people falling ill in concordance with this new physical ‘vessel’? The reverend?


What a bum deal, sheltering lost souls…





Quotes of the Night

Romulus: Even if the movie sucks, fuckin grade A performances so far

Bacchus: Right?! I mean HOLY SHIT Jonathan Rhys Meyers….who would’ve thought…

Bacchus: I think I peed

Romulus: Well I shit in the potted plant we stole from the lobby so I think you’re fine

Ok, hands down, 9/10 would watch again. DRUNK OR NOT. And you know what that means…

And i’m pretty sure I legit shit my pants.


I’d IMDB it, but those fucks haven’t even caught up yet. Seriously, watch, now. Yesterday. Before that. This is amazing. I came once and shat my pants twice THAT HAS GOT TO COUNT FOR SOMETHING

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