Don't even bother

Apparition, and welcome Vifen

Vifen opens the night with ‘hold on I got cleavage at 3:15’. Good man.

First off, fuck this PG-13 bullshit. You give me horror you give me titties.

oh ho ho, i suppose we're in for a ride. Fuck off. Now.

oh ho ho, i suppose we’re in for a ride. Fuck off. Now.

That being said, also fuck this movie. This soundtrack keeps me expecting Sandra Bullock to pop out with a floppy disk capable of hacking ‘the Net’.

I’ve seen a number of gay dudes in movies, and gay movies, and gay people in general – and this movie’s lead is absolutely waiting for a cock in the mouth.

And he buys a cactus. Or, as Vifen says, ‘A cock-tus, because all he wants is WHAT A FAGGOT’.

Dick flavored toothbrush with a cum squeezer.


‘We are 10 minutes in and so far the best actor is the animal…simply because it hit all of its lines’

Is this actually a movie? I mean I assume

apparently making a film


oh wait the dogs dead. Its not their dog. and…fuck, I don’t know. GO READ A BOOK

You’re going to have to re-elect George W if you want to watch this movie. – Vifen.

How do these fucking infants own a home? YOUR HUSBAND/BOYFRIEND THING is GAY. Ssaklgjas;lkghja;sldkha;lsg

‘Here’s the fucking deal. No horror movie should PG-13. Bottom line fuckers. Tits and death.’ – Romulus.

Gotta give it to homegirl, Ashley Greene has a WONDERFUL ass, but show them titties. Seriously, gratz on the waxing, but lets see some realness.

So i’m finally enjoying Ashley Greene’s ass when something happens, LOUD NOISES

and she doesn’t react at all. Love you girl, but WTF. Lets see dem titties.

Even the ghost doesn’t know how to operate the camera.


fuck off

Also, you should fire your cosmetician, cus that nosejob is ATROCIOUS. MMM girl PLEASE.

‘This has been the worst thing since women voting’ – Vifen.

‘Wait can i change my vote to black people?’- Vifen ‘No, cuz we don’t vote anyway’ – Romulus.

Oh hey Pacifico, suck my goddamn dick.

Me smashing my water/bourbon bottle on the couch was scarier.

fuck off.

Imdb if you fucking please



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