Must see

Doghouse, or I’d call you a cunt but that’d imply I have some use for you

First things first. Titties. Plenty….of a sort.

Ya read me?

On to the meaty bits.

Irish horror, of which there’s deplorable few. Off the top of my head I’ve got …Wake Wood I guess.

Doghouse revolves around a group of six friends fixin to get knackered for a weekend. Each of the individuals manages to hit a major stereotype. Of course, everything goes wrong when their hunt for pussy hits a complete 180, and some crazy bitches go apewild for some delicious man meat.


I love the accent, I’ll say that much, and I appreciate the out and out boozin that seems to follow suit.

While the plot seems to unravel in a pretty standard format, I reckon its worth the ride. Fun little romp.

Its not exactly zombies, and not exactly…well anything else.

These semi sentient female flesh freaks do a damn fine spot of damage. Whoever did the special effects on this one needs a pay raise – I can’t say enough for practical special effects

“What kind of a virus affects only women?…-Bird flu”

Fun writing as well.

The semi sentience is a nice vehicle, actually. Great for humor, and interesting shit like a zombie choppin down a sign to get at another victim, or old lady zombie with a walker.


And now, for the main reason you absolutely fucking have to watch this movie –

In this one, the cake is NOT a lie.

Oh sweet shit covered christ, I’m officially a ‘pie’ man.

So fat lady fuck, up there, is a fan of finger foods. More specifically, fingers as food, and cake. Apparently a lot of cake, based on the lady’s stature.

The douchebag heir apparent Neil actually ends up going through hell, more than the rest, and instead of being the assfuck you want to die first, you’ll actually find yourself rooting for him.


Shortly thereafter we discover the army’s behind the whole mess-


and then the plot actually twists a bit. The humor stays through, but the evolution of the female zombie menace is actually pretty damn awesome. The lads end up wading through a literal pile of bodies to attempt escape, while death and destruction often literally nips at their heels.


Its got all the wonderful trappings of a buddy cop drama, just with a shitload more awesome well done tits and blood.

Fuck IMDB on this one lads, its worth the ride. Easily an 8.

IMDB that shizz

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