sober or otherwise

The Gay Bed and Breakfast of Terror

Hahahahaha….ha….hahahahahaHAHAHAHA. Anything that opens with a musical number called ‘you better watch out for the straights’ has my immediate and undivided attention.

SO WE BRING YOU…(drum roll please)….


I’ve been waiting to review this one for a while, so while Romulus was most likely out putting his dick in strange places I decided to sidle up to my favorite bottle of bourbon and challenge my sexuality. Pretty good spread so far…we have lipstick and butch lesbians, twinks, lumbermen, and an insane cannibalistic mother/daughter trio in the  middle of buttfuck nowhere.



This movie hearkens me back to some of my favorite flicks. Priscilla, queen of the desert, So long and thanks for everything Julie Newmar, etc – I personally love gay guys. I mean, not like ‘yo homie let me suck that sweet dick’ but more like they’re some of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve ever met. In my time at the Groundlings theatre I hung out with all manner and flavor of homosexual, and they are still some of my best friends.

So, to see something like this I can immediately see the gay cult potential.

I mean, to be sure its fucking atrocious, but dear god it is epic, and I can totally see where Jaymes Thompson was headed with this.

/gah hahahaha 20 mins in a dude finds an earring in his human muffin. nice.

Christ this is good bourbon. I can really appreciate the work these dudes did on their abs. that baby oil?

Is…is that baby oil?

oooook anyway, back to the topic at hand.

Only took 25 minutes for them to say FAAABULOUS so, good on ya Jaymes. Excellent display of self control. Side note these lesbians are pretty fuckin hot.


Its the moments that make this movie. Gay dude dancing while shaving his chest and using the razor as a mic. Brilliant.

The deaths come hard and quick, with both Manfred and crazy fag eatin mama at the helm

I dunno...looks like he's enjoying it....

I dunno…looks like he’s enjoying it….

For the record, the gays bleed red too.

…over the line?

Fuck  you.

The carnage continues…



Anyway, its pretty standard fare, zombie homo eating brother, lesbians and flowers, you know. Body paintin and titties, booty shorts, butt sex in a pool house, that kind of thing.

To be honest?

New favorite movie.

IMDB that shizz

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